Terms and Conditions for anyone taking Arts Awards with AAI

What is AAI? 

We are an independent limited company who run 'not for profit' Award schemes, and other educational opportunities for young people.

Please see the 'home' page for company and contact details. 

AAI are registered with Trinity College London as an Arts Award centre. We offer Adviser services to young people to help them attain an Award. An Adviser is trained by Trinity College London so they understand the best route to success and we provide Arts Award Advisers who get hundreds of young people through every level of the Award, every year, at a reasonable cost. 

The rules

All young people must be registered with us in advance.

All online Award schemes are to be paid for in advance unless otherwise negotiated, by email or letter, with AAI staff. All downloadable packs are paid for after completion and before moderation.

All Award schemes should be completed in the format in which they are created, ie. online in AAI study packs on the google doc we open for the young person.  Formats etc should not be changed before moderation, this includes all photographs which must be left 'inline'.  Students will follow a strict protocol regarding the creation of the portfolio. However, once the Award has been moderated and certified, the student will be given ownership of the pack to amend as they wish. 

The parents role

Parents must be aware:

1. the study packs are covered by full copyright legislation, this means that they can not be used for any purposes or with any other organisation other than through AAI.

2. the study packs are valid only for the time in which the student works with AAI (see below)

3. the study packs should not to be used for more than the one student registered. Any usage otherwise will be deemed a breach of copyright and/or contract with us and legal action could be taken for the full value against the person breaching the copyright.

4. the study packs should be completed in the format we request unless otherwise discussed with us

5. parents take full responsibility for safe guarding, child protection and health and safety issues whilst the young person is completing their Awards remotely with us.

Time Scales:

After purchase of an online pack you have two weeks in which to change your mind, from the date that the study pack has been made available to you to view.

If you cancel within two weeks you will not have to pay anything.

If you cancel after two weeks you will be required to pay a cancellation charge of £10 if the pack has been used.

If you cancel after four weeks you will be charged in full.

We advise that there is a time limit on how long used or unused online AAI study packs remain open. If any pack has not been moderated within three years, unless arranged otherwise with us, they can be closed down and work may be lost. 

Candidates exceeding this time scale will have all portfolios deleted without warning unless previously discussed with AAI staff, by email.

Advice issued by Trinity College London. 

Please visit the official Arts Award website, as mentioned on our 'home' page.


Trinity College run the Awards and all our work is moderated by them. A moderation involves a moderator, trained by Trinity College London, looking at a selected sample of the young people’s work in order to validate an Arts Award adviser’s assessment. 

No one 'fails' an Arts Award, but they may get a 'below pass' and their Adviser is advised by the Moderator how the young person can change/add too their pack to bring it up to a 'pass' mark.

If AAI have advised you that the young persons portfolio (pack) was not ready for moderation, or that their pack was deficient in any way, and the young person gets a 'below pass' mark, then the parent will be responsible for paying for the Award to be re-moderated once altered.

If we advise that the pack is ready for moderation then we will bear the cost of another moderation once the pack has been altered according to the Moderators instructions. 

Thank you for your cooperation.

Carol Leach

Director AAI