August 2017 Summer school workshops: 

for ages 10+; 

in Crawley; 

times: 11am-3:30pm daily; 

cost: £100 per child per week

contact: Carol at


7th-11th August: Science School

Enjoy a week exploring the world around you and your place in it.

Explorations include:

  •  Atoms and molecules – What are little boys and girls made of? We used to think it was atoms, now current science can explore what atoms are made of! Looking at the breakdown of the atom, elements, ions, radiation and the properties of waves.
  •  Earth sciences – from quark to Everest. Looking at how our world was created, some natural forces and the consequent resources available to us for life.
  •  Humankinds place in the world – how humans have utilised the earth’s resources and how we can maintain positive co-existences in the environment (looking at electricity and magnetism)
  •  Astronomy – looking at life beyond our planet, exploring how alternative worlds are created and considering how humankind can live in hostile environments. Looking at water use, biodomes, and utilisation of resources elsewhere

This course can be enjoyed simply as a fun and learning experience. However, without realising it, you will also be learning how to become a scientist; gaining skills vital for further study in science and life. 

It also covers vital areas of KS3 and KS4 school curriculum in the UK offering alternative and personal ways of viewing subjects, and insights into your place in the world.

We can also assist you in completion of a Bronze Crest Award, and with a little homework you can gain a useful qualification which is highly regarded in industry and higher education. 


14th – 18th August: Art School

This year our themes are surrealism and fantasy art.

We will explore a variety of 3D art skills, and create 2D artworks based on the genres. Along the way we will try silk painting, felting, papier mache, airbrush painting, powertex fabric moulding, glass decoration and a few other media.

Our fantasy worlds will be made from every day art materials, and items from around the home.

Artists we will explore include: Vatsal Kataria, Julie Dillon, Dali, Man Ray and Tigaer

Whilst this summer school can be enjoyed by all, we can also assist you in creating a portfolio for Arts Award at any level, and to complete Explore/Bronze and (with a little light homework) to complete Silver.