Arts Award Initiative Limited

Who’s Who:

Carol Leach, BAHons, BSc, DipM, Director, has led the Arts Award for ten years, and was a Moderator for five.  She has led the Arts Awards for a variety of different organisations, including schools, youth groups, home education groups and clubs, and currently supports an online programme; she is currently leading the Award for two national organisations: Potential Plus and Young Artists Group.  Carol is an experienced textiles artist who has exhibited locally and sold several important pieces, and a historian, who leads workshops for youngsters in most visual art forms.  Carol is the chief organizer of the holiday schools for AAI.


Michaela Stephens BSc, Teacher, Workshop leader for Art and Science, is a bio-medical scientist with a profound interest in the arts. Her forte is specifically scientific illustration, but she is interested in all aspects of the arts and is a capable artist in many artforms.  She was one of hte first people in the UK to take a Gold Arts Award at age 14. She is now 26 and has worked for AAI for 14 years, collecting national awards from NAGC and PPUK for her progression of the arts for young people. Currently she leads workshops in science and art and tutors inmost aspects of the national curriculum and particularly enjoys offering cross curricular experiences for young people.  


Eloise Leach, Teaching assistant, is the youngest member of the group, as she is only 14. Her forte is geometric mandalas and digital illustration, working with pen and compass to create intricate patterning, which she recreates online. As a home educated student she has enjoyed spending a lot of time on art, and passed her Bronze, Silver and Gold Arts Award very young. She has also passed Crest Bronze and Silver, and enjoys experimental science which results in works of art. 



What's What?

What can Arts Award Initiative offer you?

Are you a student who wants to take an Arts Award? 

We can help you to make decisions about your arts programme which will help you to achieve your potential in artforms of your choice; and show you how to structure your work to your best advantage.  We offer a variety of different ways to take the Award, including working online, being tutored through step by step by email or at our workshops or holiday schools, or we can support you while you create an individualised hard copy portfolio – or create an Award portfolio which incorporates all these methods. 


Are you a parent?

We can offer programmes for your child which will suit their needs and requirements at an affordable price and with a minimum of fuss.


Are you the leader of a youth group?

We can tailor programmes to suit your group, both in-house and supported remotely, and cheaply and efficiently.  Please discuss your individual needs with us on 07973846731.


Are you a school?

With tailored school programmes we can offer gifted and talented clubs, or full school programmes at a cost which you can afford. Please discuss your individual needs with us on 07973846731.