Arts Award Initiative Limited

Terms and Conditions for attendees at events and for those who take Arts Awards or Crest Awards online with us

Attendees at events

It is AAI's  policy to operate any event under very strict guidelines regarding payments, parent and children’s behaviour, in compliance with Health and Safety guidelines and Child Protection Policies. 

All training courses/workshops must be paid for in full, in advance.  This should be done through our PayPal invoices.  Regardless of payment type, you are required to adhere to our full terms and conditions. 

There are a number of concessional places offered in any workshops, or on any training courses, these must be booked and paid for in advance.  Cancellations for most events can be made up to two weeks before the event but a 20% booking fee will be retained for expenses. Cancellations for holiday schools can be made two months before an event and a 20% booking fee will be retained for expenses; if you cancel up to one month before a holiday school then there will be no refund unless another participant can take your child's place, in which case a 50% refund will be offered; any discounts offered can be rescinded at any time, and Early Bird offers are only valid if reserved and paid for within the time scale allotted or two months before the event.

If a child starts either a Crest or an Arts Award course they must pay for the whole course in advance, any agreement otherwise will become void if the child drops out of the course or reaches an age when they can no longer participate, all monies outstanding then become due. 
Any child, who is either disruptive or destructive, in or out of class, may be asked to leave the Club.  The parent will be asked to pay for any damaged goods.   Any recurring disruptive or destructive behaviour may result in long term exclusion of either child and/or parent. 

Any child who bullies another will be stopped immediately; the child will be stopped by the group teacher if the parent/carer is not in the immediate vicinity, or if the parent/carer does not stop the child themselves.  The family may be asked to leave the club on the day this occurs.  Bullying includes verbal abuse, or any form of belittling or demeaning a child, or a child’s ideas by another child or adult; or a physical invasion of their personal space, to include pushing and/or pulling; or any activity in which a child is forced or persuaded to do something they do not want to do by another child or adult.  Any recurring bullying will result in long term exclusion of the child and/or parent. 

If a child requires special care at school they must receive it at AAI too.  Therefore any child with a problem must be accompanied by a parent/guardian AT ALL TIMES.  Parents have full responsibility for their child at every event and should accompany them to the venue. It is our policy to advise visiting artists of any child’s special needs requirements to they are able to prepare work for the workshop.  Families who do not comply with this requirement for information risk permanent exclusion from Explorers Club.  

Any teacher can request a child/parent to stop any action which is in direct contravention of our CPP policy or Health and Safety procedures (see reception desk).  The teacher can request a child/parent leaves club at any time.  To contest any decisions please discuss this with Head Office, but be advised we will support our teachers. 

There will not be a return of fees for the event if a family is asked to leave, or for any item incurring long term costs to the club; but most monies paid in advance for events will be returned if the child/parent is to be excluded on a long term basis.    

Children who turn four during any term in question can be admitted into any activity for four to ten year olds.  The parent must ensure that the child understands the rules regarding bullying and/or disruptive behaviour.  If a child is not cooperative and quiet in class the parent will be asked to remove them.

Students on an award course who are under 18 years, and under the direct care of the Awards Officer or the Duke of Edinburgh Supervisor must pay in advance, and a medical form must be completed in full before their parent/guardian leaves them under our supervision.  Any student not adhering to the terms and conditions of the club will be removed from the workshop and their parent/guardian will be expected to collect them when telephoned.  Students should also sign the behaviour slip to confirm that they are in agreement with the terms and conditions. 

Venues are hired by AAI for specific activities in specific parts of the venue. Anyone trespassing on areas not hired will be asked to leave.   

Older children who want to communicate among themselves, or with a third party, about their Arts Award and/or Duke of Edinburgh Award work may communicate via or  These are the only recommended method of communication.  

All photographs taken by us at our events will be deleted from our PC's/Cameras once your child has moderated for the Award being taken. However, if other children have not completed their Moderation and are shown on a photograph with your child, the photograph will remain on our PC's/Camera. 

Terms and conditions for taking Awards

All Award schemes are to be paid for in advance unless otherwise negotiated, by email, with AAI staff.

Time Scales: Trinity College (the Moderators for Arts Awards) request that students complete their Award within a 'reasonable amount of time'. Students who exceed this time will not be given a pass mark by the Moderator.  AAI have been advised by them that an academic year is acceptable for Bronze and Silver, and 1-2 years for Gold; Explore and Discover should be taken over 6 months unless otherwise arranged; and AAI comply with this decision for all fully paid Arts Award schemes.

However, there are exceptions to this. If an Award is purchased under 'sale' then the time allowed may be reduced.  If the participant is part of a large group there will be a price reduction and timescales will allow students time to complete the group course offered. This is to ensure economies of scale, ie. AAI can save money by offering regular large moderations, these savings are passed onto yourselves with the reduced fees. 

As AAI have strict child protection guidelines we will delete all portfolios still held online after the allotted timescale. If your child wishes to continue working after this period please discuss options with AAI staff, by email. If no arrangements are made and your child's portfolio is deleted AAI will charge an administration fee to start a new portfolio for your child: Discover: £5; Explore: £11; Bronze: £23; Silver: £25; Gold: £45. AAI can not confirm that any work created in the deleted portfolios can be fully reinstated, we can confirm that they will receive a new study pack only.

All online Crest students are given one academic year to complete their Crest Award, unless otherwise negotiated, by email, with AAI staff. All students attending a course are given one additional week to complete their paperwork. Candidates exceeding this time scale will have all portfolios deleted without warning, unless previously discussed with AAI staff, by email.

Thank you for your cooperation.