Themed study packs and non-themed packs:

We offer two types of study pack, themed packs or non-themed packs.

Themed packs

Copies of these packs are available upon registration, fees are outlined in our info pack. Themed study packs available follow two streams, one for young performing artists, another for the young visual artist, they are:

  • Explore Disney
  • Explore Singing
  • Explore Dancing
  • Explore Music
  • Explore Drama
  • Bronze Arts Award visits Disneyland
  • Marvellous Bronze Award
  • Singing about a Bronze Arts Award
  • A dramatic Bronze Arts Award
  • Dancing towards a Bronze Arts Award
  • A Musical Bronze Arts Award
  • Illustrate Silver
  • Perform for Silver Arts Award 

Non-themed packs

We offer non themed packs at all levels:

  • Discover
  • Explore
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

Young people may want one of two things in their Arts Award:

  • Choice of artform
  • Variation of artform within one pack, ie. one Award can cover a few artforms

Many do not specialise in either visual or performing arts, and want to enjoy variety. For the young person committed to choice, we have non-themed packs. Fees for these are stated in our info pack. They are a little more expensive because choice and variety require additional support.

Themed packs v. Non Themed packs – which to choose?

The packs we offer are all supported and prices inclusive.

Details of what each level of Award comprises, can be found at the end of the pack.

Fees can be determined by checking our info pack.  

Here we advise on content of the themed and non-themed packs, and give some basic advise on similarities and differences. Ultimately, your choice of type and level Award should be determined by your knowledge of what your child can do and is interested in, although we are happy to give advice.


There is no difference between the syllabus requirements of a themed and non-themed pack. There is no difference between processes. They are both the same qualification. They will both receive the same certificate. Certificates do not state artform, only the level of the Award. Some of the pack content is exactly the same. Only the events to be chosen are themed. The study packs are all online, on google docs. Themed packs receive similar attention from AAI as non-themed packs, this attention may not be as regular as it is not required  


The study packs are set out differently and support independent learning. The young person has choice of what to study in non-themed packs, or is directed towards research and events which reflect the theme in a themed pack.  

For and against – arguments for and against a themed pack or a non-themed pack

  • Themed study packs guide the young person towards events which are relevant to their chosen artform.
  • This can limit their choices. If they want full choice and self-expression, we have non-themed packs.
  • At Explore and Bronze level there is an argument that these levels are meant to be open to choice, however, many young people are already dedicated to an artform by an early age.
  • The themed packs guide young people to learn new things about an artform they may want to study seriously when older.

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